YOGA passion

This post is again from the cycle – A Woman and her Passion and this time it’s about Angela Selivanova Santosa and Yoga 🙂
YOGA is the connection of physical, mental and spiritual practices originating in ancient India The practice of yoga has been thought to date back to pre-vedic Indian traditions; possibly in the Indus valley civilization around 3000 BCE!
Angela Selivanova Santosa has been practicing and mastering yoga for more than 10 years already and the effects you can see on my photos below.🙂
She is leading yoga classes in Mallorca, so if you live in the island you can definitely contact her for more details.
In the background you can see the beautiful cathedral of Palma de Mallorca or La Seu- a Gothic Roman Catholic cathedral. It was built by the Crown of Aragón on the site of a Moorish-era mosque, later designed in the Catalan Gothic style but with Northern European influences, in 1901, fifty years after a restoration of the cathedral had started, Antoni Gaudí was invited to take over the project.