Women are like the sea…

They say that woman we are like the sea, unpredictable. 😉
Even Euripides have told, that “Sea, Fire and Woman – these are the three misfortunes”. 😉 Would you agree with that?
“When I was here for the first time, it was this variety of colors that captivated me. In the morning, the sea is gray, almost invisible, overflows with a pale sky. Later, around noon, when you look to your left, you get the impression that the water there is more turquoise. In the afternoon, when the sun begins to move west, the sea on the right is an intense emerald color, and when you step into the water, you can see that it is bright, turquoise green. And later, when the sun is already quite low, the water is very blue, like cornflowers in a meadow. […] It’s a bit like flirting. The sun watches the sea waves all the time, admires them, touches them with its rays, and the sea changes into new dresses, wanting to please”.
Monika Michalik “from the book “Be my dream”