Whether you’re looking for an engagement or wedding shoot, event reportage or simply a portrait session, I have you covered.
Contact me for more details and pricing. I speak English, Polish, Spanish, Russian and German, so we will find a common language for sure 😉

Hi, I'm Marta

Photography has been my passion from my early years on earth. I have been a professional photographer since 2009. When I take a picture, I strive to capture the most special emotions on people’s faces. I want to make them feel pretty; to show their inner beauty. The biggest reward is seeing my clients’ smiles when looking at their photographs. My other passion is languages, so I can speak your native language during the photoshoot (Polish, Russian, German, English, Spanish), if needed :).

Fully committed to my passion for photography. I am always developing in the latest techniques and increasing my portfolio of professional photo shoots.

After obtaining an official certificate from Archdiocese of Czestochowa, I can now take pictures in church events (official permission to photograph weddings, first communions, etc.)

I organized expositions of reportage photography from the project in Turkey on Kazimierz district in Kraków. This year I also volunteered on the festival “Photomonth” in Kraków.

Developed further my Photoshop skills, attending a course in Akademia Fotografii (Kraków).I traveled to Turkey to work as a photographer in European Voluntary Service, where I documented the customs and general ambience of Stambul and Batman (in the border between Turkey and Syria). I hosted an exposition in Batman about my coverage.

Studied photography for two years in Regionalny Ośrodek Edukacji (Wrocław), where I obtained “Technician of Photography” certificate.



Address  Palma de Mallorca | Kraków
Phone     +34 685 155 990 | +48 601 908 971

Palma de Mallorca | Kraków


+34 685 155 990 | +48 601 908 971